The Best Motorcycle Gadgets

If you travel a long distance with a motorbike, you better not forget to bring Motorcycle Gadget equipment, among them:

BikeMaster Multi-Tool With Sockets

Motorcycle mini tool kit
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Yes, you absolutely should have a complete motorcycle tool kit in your garage. But hauling it around in your saddlebag is a bit impractical. Instead, every rider should have a good pocket-sized multi-tool, and BikeMaster has created a good one: their Multi-Tool with Sockets has just about everything you might need for a quick roadside fix. It includes 6 hex wrenches (sizes 3, 4, 5, and 6mm), a combo 8– 10– 15mm open end wrench, three sockets (8, 10 and 15mm) and a socket driver. Not bad for something that can fit right in your pocket!

BikeMaster Tire and Tube Flat Repair Kit

Tire And Tube Flat Repair Kit
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Deep down, all riders share one fear: getting a flat in the middle of nowhere. This tire repair kit is great for roadside emergencies. Along with a complete array of tire and tube repair accessories (a complete patch kit as well as the necessary hand tools for the job), it comes with 4 small CO2 canisters to re-inflate a flat. And it can be used for tubeless tires as well.

Icon Urban Motorcycle Tank Bag

Tank Bag Icon Urban
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The Urban Tank Bag is one of the most innovative, and useful, tank bags ever designed– a magnetic-mount tank bag, backpack, and helmet carrier, all in one. Now you can take your essentials along for the ride without having to worry about where to store them when you’re off the bike. Simply untuck the exclusive shoulder straps and helmet cradle, and you’re good to go.

The Icon Urban Tank Bag is made out of water-resistant 420 denier ripstop nylon, with four powerful magnets embedded inside padded compartments to hold the tank bag in place, all padded by an outer lining of neoprene to prevent scratching your motorcycle’s finish. A roomy 16″ X 14″ X 8″ expandable compartment holds all your gear, but the best part is, integrated shoulder straps turn this bad boy into a backpack so you can take it wherever you go off the bike too!

Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

sena 20S is Bluetooth
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Sena is one of the most dominant names in the world of Bluetooth communication devices for motorcycle riders, and they’ve been making and refining these things from the very beginning. They have a diverse product line with something for every kind of rider, but their Sena 20S is their state-of-the-art model, with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology, up to 8 riders on a single network, and an impressive 1.2 mile range.

The 20S includes a cool feature called “audio multitasking,” which creates a seamless blend of your audio transmissions, so it doesn’t create an annoying abrupt “break” when switching from one feature to another, and the jog dial and hands-free voice activiation make this one of the most user-friendly devices there is in the sometimes overcomplicated market of Bluetooth communicators. A communicator is an essential gadget for riders these days, and with 4.9 stars in our on-site reviews, the Sena 20S is one that is guaranteed to please.

GPS System

Gps System Garmin 220 Zumo
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If you want a GPS system for your bike, get the one that was designed by bikers, for bikers! The Garmin 220 Zumo is a compact, waterproof GPS system with a bright touchscreen that’s easy to use, easy to see in day or night, and lasts up to 8 hours on one charge. The 220 Zumo’s interface is extremely easy to use (since the last thing you need is a GPS system you’ll be messing with while riding), and even better, it will pair to your Bluetooth headset and give you turn-by-turn spoken directions. In your car, you can fiddle with your phone or a map to find your way, but on a bike, you need a device like the Garmin 220 Zumo, it’s a lifesaver!

Personal Power Supply

Personal Power Supply xp-1 micro start
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All of these cool electronic gadgets means that you’re going to need to be able to recharge them. That can be difficult if you’re traveling. Here’s a device that lets you do that practically anywhere– and it’ll let you jumpstart your bike to boot. The Antigravity XP-1 Micro-Start Personal Power Supply can hold enough juice to start a V8 engine, comes with a complete array of charging adapters (including mini jumper cables), and only weighs 12 ounces– the perfect size for motorcycle touring. Check out our video below for a full review and a rundown on how badass these lithium power packs really are!

Bluetooth Camera & Communication System

Camera action and bluetooth communication sena 10C
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Sena 10C in your helmet
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If you’ve made it this far, you’ve seen a lot of high-tech motorcycle gadgetry, but you might be thinking … where are you supposed to put all this stuff? Well, here’s an awesome solution that combines two of the most popular gadgets into one convenient, easy-to-use supergadget that any tech-savvy rider would love.

The Sena 10C is an innovative product that blends all the functionality of Sena’s award-winning 10-series Bluetooth communicator with a high-quality action camera, making an all-in-one product for motovloggers, or anyone who rides with both a camera and a Bluetooth communicator.

The Sena 10C comes with top-of-the-line Bluetooth 4.1 software, weather-resistant construction, and has advanced features that only a combination camera/communication device could offer, such as recording your own voice directly onto your videos, or running the camera while retaining full functionality of your Bluetooth device while in operation. This is hands down one of the most innovative products we’ve ever seen here at BikeBandit!

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Welcome in my Website if you read artciles I wrote that you will know the objects and uses of these items, there are many gadgets that are very useful in different conditions.

Part of House that might Contain Asbestos

The Ultimate Checklist for House Part that Contain Asbestos

Asbestos is a material that was commonly mined, exported and used in construction within Australia up until its ban in the mid-1980’s and full ban in 2003, this ban was implemented because of the adverse health effects it had on the general public and workers who mined, built with and utilized the material. There is still plenty of asbestos left in Australia, so it’s important to know where it is today, the risks we face and how to deal with it with the most advanced and safe techniques. Here is your ultimate checklist for asbestos removal.

  1. Do You Have Asbestos in Your Home?

Some homes don’t have asbestos in them, and some do, but how can you guess if you have asbestos in your home? Well you can look at when it was built, homes built before the mid-1980’s have a high chance at containing asbestos as the first asbestos bans were implemented in the mid-1980’s, homes built after the mid-1980’s but before the full ban of asbestos in 2003 have a medium chance of containing asbestos whereas dwellings built after 2003 should not contain any asbestos.

house that more likely contain asbestos

If your house was built before 2003 where could the asbestos be hiding? Asbestos could be hiding in but not limited to:

  1. Testing for Asbestos

Testing for asbestos can be confusing and hazardous when you don’t hire a professional, so it always suggested you use accredited asbestos professional. These professionals can come to you, take samples of any suspected asbestos safely and quickly and then take them to a NATA accredited laboratory for testing. This testing can take as little as 24 hours; however, multiple samples or backlog may mean they take more time. When the testing is complete, your asbestos professional will contact you and let you know the results, if asbestos is present then they can also inform you of the risks it poses and goes through your options for removal or for making it safe.

  1. Knowing All Your Options

Through removal is always preferred and often the safest option for dealing with asbestos, but did you know that there are other options? Some asbestos can’t be removed because of the danger to the structure of the home or because removal would be too hazardous, sometimes it may also be too expensive for you. Other options for dealing with asbestos include:

monkey confusing

  • Leaving the Asbestos- Believe it or not, some asbestos can be left, if the asbestos is in a good enough state and fully attached then it poses no risk or harm to you as asbestos is only dangerous when the fibres are airborne and can be inhaled. However, it is recommended to check on the asbestos regularly and be extra careful around it to ensure no breakages or damage.
  • Enclosure- Enclosing the asbestos involves an accredited professional enclosing the asbestos in an airtight container to make sure no fibres are released into the air to be inhaled. This is not a long-term option for people generally as the structure can get in the way of your space and needs. This is a good option if you want to think over your options or have to acquire the money for another option.
  • Encapsulation- Encapsulating asbestos involves a professional using a sealant to seal the asbestos both on the surface and within the asbestos to ensure that if the asbestos is broken that the fibres will remain bonded and not become airborne. This is often a popular option for roofs as its often cheaper than a full removal and replacement and as a bonus can give the appearance of a fresh coat of paint.
  1. Professionals

When dealing with asbestos, it is always recommended to utilise accredited professionals throughout the whole process to ensure the full removal or safety of the asbestos as well as to ensure that you and your family don’t face any unnecessary risks. Asbestos professionals know how to identify, remove, enclose, encapsulate, transport and dispose of asbestos in the safest, fastest and most legal way depending on your area. They will follow the local and national regulations for asbestos removal. For example, if you are in Adelaide, the professionals will do the removal in accordance with local regulation for asbestos removal Adelaide.


Welcome in my Website if you read artciles I wrote that you will know the objects and uses of these items, there are many gadgets that are very useful in different conditions.

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